Tibet has among the highest maternal mortality rates in the world

Tibet has among the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.   Maternal mortality and infant mortality are the most visible and gravest threats that Tibetan women and girls face on the road to mobility and empowerment. Death in the process of creating life is the biggest obstacle they face. Poor quality health services contribute to their risk and hard-to-reach… Read more →

Engaging Appropriate Social Enterprise in Tibet

Weaving Co-ops will restore a long-missing spiritual element of the world of the Surmang Khampas. There are a couple of goals. First is to engage the women who will be a part of this. They are mostly our Community Health Workers. This sounds easy, but contacting people, organizing people is not a givenin Tibet. Second is to perfect, as much… Read more →

Dezan Shira Partners with Surmang for Maternal and Child Health in Qinghai

According to the World Health Organization, last year 6.3 million children died before reaching the age of five. That translates to approximately 17,000 deaths of children under five each day. While infant mortality has been steadily decreasing across the globe, this has been unevenly distributed between certain regions. In 2012, the global number of under-five deaths was 6.6 million, but almost… Read more →