Engaging Appropriate Social Enterprise in Tibet

weaving-headerWeaving Co-ops will restore a long-missing spiritual element of the world of the Surmang Khampas.

There are a couple of goals. First is to engage the women who will be a part of this. They are mostly our Community Health Workers. This sounds easy, but contacting people, organizing people is not a givenin Tibet. Second is to perfect, as much as possible the production and quality of the products. Third is to arrange for their sale and distribution. Despite our nostalgia for dusty, old pre-earthquake Yushu/Jiegu, Yushu has been totally rebuilt and is being prepared as a tourist destination. We hope to open a “Threads of Life”-type of store there. Threads of Life is our model for fair-traded weaving.

When that stabilizes somewhat we can think about further commercial distribution. One place would be the 5 or 6 Charity Balls & winter charity bazaars we participate in. AND LASTLY, if there is enough production (and energy) we hope to sell them outside of China.

In rolling out this social enterprize, we will partner with Khunu, a commercial company that manufactures contemporary yak cashmere garments.

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